Near Empty Freeways

by Demetri Politis

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All songs written by Demetri Politis (C) & (P) Empty Glow Music (ASCAP)

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Michael Starr at Wagon Wheel Studios, North Hollywood, CA

Mastered by Joe Gastwirt


released November 22, 2010

Demetri Politis: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizer, organ, wurlitzer, electric guitar (#3)

Michael Starr: electric guitar, mandolin, violin, lap steel, additional acoustic guitar (#6), acoustic guitar solos, percussion (#1), shaker (#2)

David Benitez: bass, electric guitar (#11)

John Wicks: drums, percussion



all rights reserved


Demetri Politis Royal Oak, Michigan

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Track Name: Certified
If you think you want advice
Listen cuz I'm certified
You only get one life
Just look me in the eye

In the past I was like you
But now I know my life is through
I'll start by telling you
the things I wish I knew

Life erased my dream
All the things I'll never be
I'll change your life if you hear me

If you wanna climb that hill
It's gonna take a lot of will
You're gonna have to sacrifice
You're gonna have to give your life


'Cuz you're young now
Looked at your life
Thought I'd help out
I couldn't let you pass by
When the sun's down
There's no looking back
Like a bunch of sand
Falling through your hands


Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Track Name: Unhappy Woman
Saw a fight on a greyhound bus
Man and woman shook up
It was far from a day at the beach
Then she came and sat right next to me

Unhappy woman, who is real thin, she slams the door then says, she never wins
Outside, it rains, her tears, never fade.
She can't accept that life's an unfair game.

People look out for number one
No one gives a heads up
You can't just enjoy the scenery
People always killing everything


To her house, she walks
Tries to find out, everything that's wrong
But she knows that she's lost
Track Name: Not Working Out
When it's not working out
You wanna lay down and die
There's a storm in your sky
A tornado, in your mind
In your mind

Smoke the last cigarettes
Then you go watch, the parade
People all passing by
No one looking your way

This is not your dream, dream, dream
You don't know what you have to be, be, be

You're all alone
You can't believe
Life just passes by, and you can't live your dream
Your complaints receive, you're exploiting me
You need, you need, you need, you need

When it's not working out
When it's not working out
When it's not working out
When it's not working out
Track Name: Nowhere To Go
So I go outside in the daytime
And I hail a cab again
Wave my hand, check my bags
Survey the land, meet with a friend.

Last night, lost my mind and a fistfight.
Everything I do is wrong.
I stood my ground, got pushed around
Then I found out, my money was gone

My money was gone.

Out of my bed, got dressed,
Then fled for a while,
Looked around the town
And found that I don't understand
Where I am again
Where I wanna begin

Sneak in the family home
In the dead of night
See an empty glow
So I take my time
But I just gotta go
Got nowhere to go.

Track Name: Winter Shoes
Back in my childhood living room
My blue sweater is on, I'm in my winter shoes
Don't know what I'll do

Try to go out, it's a beautiful day
But the roads are closed, I'm in a haze.
Sleeping is on my mind, waterworks in my eye
I don't know why, why

No room to breathe in here,
No possibilities, nobody cares
Tired of staying inside
Every day of my life

Cd's that no one's ever known
World books on the shelf
From twenty years ago
Cars are in the snow

Things are changing
All turned around
My shoes touch the rugs on the ground
Outside it's snowing hard
I can't get very far
Feeling my scars, scars

Track Name: Make My Way
Dark winter evenings, snowfall
Near empty freeways, stripmalls

All the people talk the same
All the stores have corporate names
Just got off the airplane
But now I'm stuck in lakes of pain

Once a year, I make my way
Faces change, but the roadsigns stay
I pretend I'm great
I pretend I'm great

Cold winter bed chills, my bare feet
My folks think I'm nothing, I agree

Through the cold streets I run so fast
The thick snow crumbles as I pass
I was a lonely teen outcast
But now I'm feeling free at last


Growing up here, I never did care
Never knew anyone, never went anywhere
But now I stare
But now I stare

Track Name: Happier
Going for a ride, don't know what I'll find
I'll see you on the flipside
Watch my body rise up
Into the open sky
Fly away thinking I'm the only one who ever touched the sun

Over valleys, nobody can catch me
I'm not home watching TV
I'm happier than everyone else

Sitting in my chair
Soaring everywhere
Going without a care
Ignore the people's stares
Nobody thinks it's fair
Fly away thinking how
I'm never ever running out of air


Sell the movie rights
I risked my life
For it all
I believe
I seized the day
And I know I'll be fine
If I die

Track Name: Blue Skies
In the morning, no suprise
I look at the sky, the sun burns my eyes
And I cope with the road that I chose
Even though, I'm getting old

Walk around, outside, all I find, red lights
Wanna find, a goldmine, never find
Blue Skies

Looked down over city lights
The things that I did
Baffle my mind
And I cope with the cold wind that blows
Feeling more, more alone


My feet stay flat on the floor
I find out how much I can endure
While the world outdoors just swirls
While the world outdoors just swirls

Track Name: Fast Car
Now the car is all mine, saved all my life
It's a famous thing, like a diamond ring, spent everything
But who knows why I do anything

And I always say, I wait and see, wait and see
All the money I made
Threw it all down the drain

Didn't wanna race it, but that's what I did
Met some folks who swore, I didn't give a shit it was not broken in
But who knows why I do anything

And I always say, I grew up poor, worked so hard, everyday
All the money I made
Threw it all down the drain

And I feel no, pain, pain
It's towed away, away
From the interstate
In every way
Track Name: As She Sings
She plays piano for the coffeehouse crowd again
Pretty thin, pretty thin in her dress
And she sings again
About ghosts and their heads
And graves of the dead

In Idaho, at home, she never fit in
She came out west, to forget who she is
Where she's been begins to crawl on her skin
To wipe out her grin

Crowd of people all stand around
As she sings and fills the room with her sound
But she looks, for a way out
Of this town

Outside she sits
She drinks wine in a paper bag
Pretty sad, pretty sad where she's at, is a drag
Because she thinks she sounds bad
She knows it's a fact

Track Name: Let Me Sleep
Open up your eyes, and you find
Everyone is so unkind
Imaginary friends, in your head
Pack of earplugs by the bed

Let Me Sleep, Let Me Sleep, Let Me Sleep
Because there's nothing wrong

Walking in disguise, through the night
Dark strip malls and neon signs
You tell them on the phone
You never glow
Screwing up is all you've known


Finding you're naked, and stuck in a tree
Hoping and praying, you're stuck in a dream

Track Name: Quietly
Now he's telling me, I should love myself
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he can help
It's a feeling that I get at times, but nobody else would know why

Some dude talking as I sit in a chair
The world turning, I can't get anywhere
I wanna leave, quietly, quietly

He doesn't get my dream, I can't do my best
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm depressed
It's a feeling that I get at times, but nobody else would know why


I wish I left, I stayed inside the room
I forgot all the things I learned all the truths
There's no sympathy, just jealousy, what I know